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SHARYATToday each of us is running after something or the other! If anyone is craving for acquiring power someone else is yearning for achieving his cherished goals and few others are running after money or status and social recognition in life. Nobody is free from this thrill of joyous success and humiliating defeat. Whenever anybody is striving through such fiercely competitive era then the joy of overpowering the opponent and earning glorious success is indeed unique of its kind. Based on a similar theme with a pure rural background that constantly heightens the curiosity about forthcoming sequence of happenings is the upcoming Marathi feature film Sharyat produced by Mrs.Darshana Nilesh Sawant of Ashwamedh Productions and directed by able director VijuMane.

Ashwamedh Productions has made its presence felt in the competitive domain of Marathi film industry right through its debut film Sharyat, thanks to the awesome presentation, increasingly thrilling locations, glittering acting talent of the renowned artistes along with the sound technical expertise that can be glimpsed through the upcoming Marathi feature film Sharyat, releasing soon through the main cities and towns in Maharashtra on 16th December.

An intensely perfect blend of the vigorous Marathi soil, distinct Kolhapur culture, status and ego-conscious generation and fiercely racing bullock-carts on a barren landscape brought about through the story and screenplay means the upcoming Marathi feature film Sharyat. The story of this film takes place in a village called Rajapur located in the western Maharashtra. The entire being of the people of this village and all their lives is focused around only two things, the first being the ancient Mahadeva temple in the village famous throughout Maharashtra and the second being the awe-inspiring race of bullock-carts being conducted every year for earning the distinct honour of performing the first sacred worship in the Mahadeva temple between the prominent families of Prataprao Deshmukh and Shankarrao Mohite. This craving for the distinct honour is so passionately intense between the two families that the sophisticated members of the village too do not hesitate from joining the game of creating hurdles in the path of the opponent and ruthlessly overcoming the shrewd moves made by the opponent. The tasty story of aggressive rural maneuvers of crossing and double-crossing each other has been penned by Hemant Edlabadkar, Viju Mane and Nandkishor Chaughule.


One thrilling attraction of the upcoming Marathi feature film Sharyat that is endowed with realistic storyline with its typical rural background and cunning characters is that the renowned actors from the Marathi film industry have formed a team of artistes such that Sachin Pilgaonkar is appearing for the first time in a rough and tough role through this film with other equally rude and domineering characters being played by eminent actors and actresses like Neena Kulkarni, Vidyadhar Joshi, Uday Sabnis, Santosh Juvekar, Tejashree Pradhan, Kishor Chaughule, Sampada Joglekar-Kulkarni, Rajan Patil, Punam Jadhav and Ganesh Pethe. Neha Pendse, Bhargavi Chirmule and Jayant Wadkar too are being noticed in the capacity of the guest artistes.

The audio cassette of the songs of this film Sharyat has been released by the Video Palace Company. The four songs composed by the lyricists Ashok Bagve and Viju Mane have been accorded with melodious music and sweet tunes by Chinar-Mahesh, the youthful musicians of the young generation. The two distinct songs of different presentation in them viz. the item song Sheelachya Aaycha Gho and the dazzling Lawani song Ranamadhi Ektach Dultoy Nag have been sung in the versatile voice of Urmila Dhangar whereas the emotionally intense title song Sharyat Lagli and Aakrit Ghadale.. have been sung in the delightful voice of Sachin Pilgaonkar. Neha Pendse’s performance in the item song and Bhargavi Chirmule’s attractive appearance in the Lawani song is potentially full of entertainment for the audiences indeed. The duet romantic song Mala Saang Na has been sung in the harmonious voices of Mahalaxmi Iyyar and Swapnil Bandodkar and has been picturised over Santosh Juvekar and Tejashree Pradhan.

The meticulous eyes of Shabbir Naik have done the cinematography of the upcoming Marathi feature film Sharyat whereas the editing has been done by the capable hands of Satish Patil. The art direction has been handled by Vasu Patil whereas the choreographers are Dipali Vichare and Rajesh Bidve with the costumes designed by Shape and Style, Technical Advisor Shyam Sonalkar, Sound concepts by Abhijit Shende and Stunt scenes directed by Prashant Naik. Needless to say, the Sharyat i.e. the race between the competent actors and their acting talent is going to add colours to this film Sharyat which is already potent with an inspiring story decorated by the sensationally arousing music.

The breathtaking and awe-inspiring upcoming Marathi feature film Sharyat is all poised to spread its sprawling whirlwind throughout Maharashtra on 16th December.

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